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one of my favorite things is how people talk to themselves in tumblr tags, taking this space designed for metadata classification and using it as a form of parenthetical speech. those grey little tags feel so cozy, a whispered dimension to the flat communication of the net

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Young elephant playing on a beach in Phuket, Thailand by John Lindie

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i like how in the second picture it has clearly given up and resigned to spend the rest of its life in that trench

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never give up on your dreams

keep sleeping

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You are allowed to grieve the years you lost to mental illness. You’re allowed to be mad that it happened to you. You’re allowed to pine after the person you might have been had it been different. But don’t let that get in the way of your growing into your new self and following a wholly new path for your life.

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Its nice to get away from all the city noise


Its nice to get away from all the city noise

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reivaxm asked: Hello. I was reading Coraline again and something hit me: are Miss Spink and Miss Forcible a couple? Thanks, have a nice week :)




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I don’t wanna be an adult anymore. I want to be a financially secure child.

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If you’re battling a mental illness and didn’t want to wake up this morning but did anyways, you’re a motherfucking badass. Because living with a mental illness is hard and I’m damn proud of you for still being here and fighting. You’re metal as hell and tough as nails. So keep on fighting, you kickass Viking warrior. You can win this.

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A few of the many characters voiced by Cree Summer.

I love that any time you hear that awesome, kind of raspy but in a good way, voice, you know it’s gonna be good :)

Always loved Cree Summer. Talented VA who climbed from the bottom to get to where she is now.

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Meet Dewi the Dragon, awesome guardian of Harlech Castle located in Harlech, Gwynedd, Wales. Classed by UNESCO as a World Heritage site, the castle is a medieval fortification built atop a spur rock beside the Irish Sea by Edward I during his invasion of Wales between 1282 and 1289. Dewi came along much later.

In 2010 artist Anthony Peacock from Marche Studios in Shropshire, England, was commission to create a magnificent dragon. 78 square meters (~840 square feet) of steel sheets were cut down into scales and then welded on to a frame, polished, and then coated with 12 coats of lacquer to form Dewi the Dragon, who measures 16 feet long, 11 feet high and 10 feet wide. The project took 800 hours of work to complete. Dewy now stands guard below Harlech castle near the entrance to Min-y-Don Holiday Home & Touring Park.

Photos by El Civ, Harry and Rowena Kennedy, Eddie Evans, and Huw Harlech respectively.

Visit Kuriositas for additional images of Dewi and to learn more about the history of Harlech Castle.

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